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chrofmeg_2016profpics4Hello, I’m Megan and welcome to The Chronicles of Megan. Yes, I know, the title may seem a little conceited or perhaps self absorbed, but I promise I have an explanation. I created this blog not only to share content and knowledge I have to offer as a design student and beauty enthusiast, but to document my life as I know it, right now. At the moment, I’m rather fond of photography, makeup, fashion, fonts, food, coffee, and anything aesthetically pleasing. To be honest, I love a little bit of everything so while this blog specifically focuses mainly on beauty related content, don’t be surprised to find food tidbits or snippets of music or art thrown in. I love to try anything new, so I’m giving blogging a shot in order to channel all of my interests into a single outlet that captures my life in a snapshot while potentially helping anyone else out there. With all that said, I hope you follow me on this journey and learn just as much as I have and will.

All my love,


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