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Tutorial: Day-to-Night Galentine’s & Valentine’s

In honor of Galentine’s Day, I’m publishing this post a day early… enjoy you Poetic Noble Land Mermaids! Today is February 14th. A “day for love”; and if there’s one thing I love, it’s makeup (in case this was not already completely obvious)! So instead of ranting in this intro about how this holiday seems… Continue reading Tutorial: Day-to-Night Galentine’s & Valentine’s

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Lookbook: Zodiac Part I

Hello, friends! Typically this is around the time where I put together a lookbook using the trends predicted for the season. However, since I already had done a similar type of post predicting the trends for the entire year of 2016 already over on My Violet Delights, I was stuck with trying to come up… Continue reading Lookbook: Zodiac Part I

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Tutorial: Drugstore Drama

Hello, hello! Welcome back to the blog. It’s gotten a bit of a facelift since last week, so I hope you like it! I’m still working on a few things, but so far I’m enjoying the way it’s turned out. Anyhow, this week I wanted to bring you a special tutorial; one that I’ve never… Continue reading Tutorial: Drugstore Drama

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Tutorial: 90s Grunge Inspired

I was born right smack dab in the middle of the 90s and I don’t feel like I’ve been alive that long. That said, it’s always baffled me that somehow they’ve already come back into fashion already. I feel like they haven’t been gone long again to be missed; yet, it’s been more than 20… Continue reading Tutorial: 90s Grunge Inspired

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Fall Lookbook: 3 Autumn Looks

Where did September go? I swear that it just started, yet here we are already four days deep into October. It’s unbelieveable! However, now that October is here, I find that now is when it really begins to feel like autumn. The air begins to crisp and the heat finally lets up here in Northern… Continue reading Fall Lookbook: 3 Autumn Looks

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Back to School: Five Step Face Tutorial

Hello all! So, by now you’ve either been in school for months or are right about to get started. Either way, you’re probably not getting much sleep which means not much time for getting ready in the morning. So whether you’re already preparing for midterms or just moving into your dorm, here’s five easy steps… Continue reading Back to School: Five Step Face Tutorial

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Back to School: Picture Day Tutorial

First off, I know that I promised that the Back to School Series was going to be up every other Wednesday, however I’ve done a lot of scheduling and rescheduling with my posts to accommodate for my current workload and some upcoming campaigns, so stay tuned! With that said, though, I’ve decided to finish the… Continue reading Back to School: Picture Day Tutorial