Empties: Fall 2015

Hello, hello! I hope all of you American folks had a wonderful Turkey weekend. Thanksgiving usually marks the time of year where things begin to blur into a chaos of finals and several holiday celebrations, one after another. Things just seem to just fly-by every year around this time of year as the season draws to a close. So, with the end of the season also comes time to clear out my stash and thus this week I bring you my Empties. Here are the products that I’ve used up this fall, so let’s get into it!

Makeup Empties


  • Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara
    • Likes- The wand is the earlier version of the Benefit Rollerlash where it curls the lashes during application. The formula is neither too wet or too dry as well and it really holds a curl well.
    • Dislikes- This mascara is quite pricey at around $20.
    • Conclusion- I am very picky with my mascaras, but they are one of those types of products where you can find both good high and low end options. This mascara was good, but not enough to wow me so I don’t think I would repurchase, especially when there are so many different ones to try! 3.5/5
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion sample in Gold (this is really old)
    • Likes- This give a beautiful sparkle to the lid and can be worn on it’s own or used as a base to enhance a shimmery shadow.
    • Dislikes- It isn’t a very versatile product, and the yellow undertone only pairs well with selective colors.
    • Conclusion- I don’t think I would purchase a full size. It’s not particularly something I would use on a daily basis, but I also don’t think this is available anymore anyways. 2/5
  • Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray
    • Likes- This is my favorite setting spray to date. It really helps keep the skin matte throughout the day. A full bottle also lasts a very long time, several months in fact.
    • Dislikes-It doesn’t necessarily prolong the wear of makeup (for me) too much, just sets it in place.
    • Conclusion- For a while not many brands had their own setting spray, but now there are many. I have repurchased this product before, but now that there are so many others to try, I will keep shopping around. 4/5
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily Combo Skin (see previous Empties)
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation (see previous Empties)
  • Benefit Porefessional Primer mini
    • Likes- This definitely smooths out the skin and leaves it with a silicone-silk like texture to the complexion. It also gives a matte finish and is a great base. It also has a lovely light fruity scent, almost watermelony.
    • Dislikes- You need a lot of product, maybe three or four squeezes, to cover the entire face. It also does not control oil.
    • Conclusion- I don’t think I will buy a full size of this, not because I dislike the product (which I do not), but because there are always samples of this in abundance. Almost every sample bag I’ve received has had a sample of this primer, so I still have plenty left to get through. 4/5
  • ELF Eyelid Primer
    • Likes- This was my everyday eye primer for years before I could afford the Urban Decay one. It is very comparable to the early Urban Decay, a lightweight texture that does minimal smoothing and helps bring out the pigmentation in shadows. I also heard that this primer contains many of the same ingredients as the early Urban Decay. Also, it is a super steal at only $2!
    • Dislikes- Although it was comparable to the old formula of UD, I don’t think it is quite the same now. The new formula of UD is much thicker and creates a much more opaque and matte base for the shadows, much like the Lorac one, so in that sense I don’t think this would compare. Also, the doe-foot applicator packaging can be unhygienic.
    • Conclusion-If I don’t feel like splurging on a primer, I might repurchase this, but I am so in love with the Lorac and new UD formula that I really don’t see myself using this. 3/5

Skincare Empties


  • Bioderma
    • Likes- This still remains my favorite micellar water by far. It is non-irritating, gentle, effective, and doesn’t strip the skin of hydration. For a full review, see here.
    • Dislikes- Although not difficult to get a hold of anymore, it is still quite pricey.
    • Conclusion-I will eventually repurchase, after I finish up the other micellar waters in my collection. 4.5/5
  • Yes To Blueberries Facial Wipes
    • Likes- I think it was in my skincare routine that I said I was cutting down on my use of makeup wipes, however I found these to be an exception. Firstly, these wipes are biodegradable, which helps my cause of cutting down the waste that I send to landfills. Secondly the packaging is the limited edition  pattern that was designed by Ingrid Nilsen, one of my favorite Youtubers.
    • Dislikes- These are cleansing cloths, and not necessarily makeup removing wipes, so they are not the most effective at removing a full face of makeup.
    • Conclusion- I mostly buy wipes now for removing swatches or when I’m honestly too lazy to use a cleansing oil. I’ve used these before and known that they weren’t that great for removing makeup, but better for the environment. I might keep looking for better biodegradable options before coming back to these. 3.5/5
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (x2)
    • Likes- This is great spot treatment for acne and it is all natural. You can read more about the benefits in my Skincare Routine.
    • Dislikes- The price is a bit steep at $10 for this tiny bottle, so I usually buy these when they go on sale.
    • Conclusion- I have repurchased in bulk several times, however since I go through these so quickly, I might look into going for a less pricey brand, since essentially this is only tea tree oil. 4/5
  • The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter
    • Likes- I hauled this in the summer and just got around to finishing it. This is my favorite body butter formula by far and the scent is divine.
    • Dislikes- Again, these are not cheap, so I usually only buy when on sale.
    • Conclusion- The Body Shop actually discontinued this scent, so I would repurchase if it was coming back. However, I will probably still continue to purchase other scents of their body butters but only when on sale. 4/5
  • Julep Elixir
    • Likes- Another part of my skincare routine, I love this lightweight, ultra hydrating, and soothing argan oil! Find out more info in my Skincare Routine.
    • Dislikes- Once again, the price is not cheap and I do only purchase during a special.
    • Conclusion- Although I love this, once I get through my stash, I might take a look at other beauty oils before returning back to this, simply to mix things up. It is a really good product however, and slightly cheaper than Josie Maran. 4/5
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food
    • Likes- The scent is nice subtle rose and it is lightweight and hydrating.
    • Dislikes- This is not the most hydrating, but it does the job.
    • Conclusion- Yes, I would repurchase! It’s perfect for handbags! 4/5

Hair Empties


  • OGX Argan Oil Conditioner
    • Likes- This is my favorite drugstore conditioner. It is reasonably priced, smells wonderful, and is incredibly nourishing!
    • Dislikes- Honestly, I don’t have anything that I dislike about this product.
    • Conclusion- I will repurchase, but I have been using it for a while, so I might switch things up before coming back. 5/5
  • Tresemme Thermal Heat Protectant
    • Likes- I’ve tried other heat protectants for styling my hair, but I always come back to this. The scent is great, formula is not sticky, and I honestly see a difference in the amount of split ends I have when I use this.
    • Dislikes- Towards the end of using this product, the mist isn’t as fine and can get squirty.
    • Conclusion- I have already repurchased! 4.5/5

Candle Empties


  • Target Succulent Garden Soy Candle
    • Likes- This is a nice, fresh, botanical, slightly floral scent- perfect for summer & early fall! The color and aesthetic of this candle is also what drew me to it because as a designer I’m a sucker for some gorgeous packaging. The wax is soy based, which burns cleaner for healthier air quality in your home. It’s also super cheap at $5!
    • Dislikes- The wax did not burn as evenly as the B&BW candles I’ve had before. The scent is also not as potent as the B&BW fragrances, and is way more subtle.
    • Conclusion- I’m not sure if this scent is limited edition, but it is definitely seasonal and not available at the moment. I would definitely repurchase if it comes back though! 4/5
  • Bath & Body Works Black Tie
    • Likes- The scent is very similar to Mahogany Teakwood, very masculine and warm. Also, the little jar was too cute to not get!
    • Dislikes- This tiny candle is around the same price as the much bigger Succulent Garden one beside it.
    • Conclusion- I don’t think I will repurchase this particular scent, as Mahogany Teakwood is still so much better! 3.5/5

Random Empties


  • Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit
    • Likes- I use these to wax my upper lip & eyebrows. These are mess free since the strips are pre-waxed already and they don’t require any heat! They are also affordable and super easy to use!
    • Dislikes- These don’t really work for anything other than facial hair; they don’t really grab onto very thick hairs.
    • Conclusion-I have repurchased this and will continue to, it’s the best way to maintain my eyebrows I’ve found. 4.5/5
  • BioTrue Contact Lens Solution– This is my go-to contact solution that I think I’ve featured in every empties so far. To avoid repetition, see here.
  • Dagoba Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate Bar
    • Likes-This is a random empty, but I didn’t really know where else to put it. I randomly found this in my school bookstore and picked it up because the flavor looked unique. If you like lavender flavor, you’ll find this delicious! It’s also certified fair trade.
    • Dislikes- This flavor is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll probably enjoy this.
    • Conclusion-I really liked this bar! It was sweet without being too sugary and the flavor is seriously one of the more interesting ones that I’ve seen sold in a store. 5/5
  • BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser
    • Likes- This easily cleans brushes, and really helps clean out sponges. The packaging makes it easy to transport and it contains an inner strainer to help filter out water. It smells like lavender and leaves the brushes super soft.
    • Dislikes- There was way less product in here than I expected, and I maybe got 5-7 good washes of all my brushes with this, and I don’t really have that many brushes. It also costs way more than I think it’s worth.
    • Conclusion- I don’t think I will repurchase. The price is not worth it in my opinion. 2.5/5

Sample Empties


  • Lancome Visionnaire Serum
    • Likes- The physical serum itself is really beautiful, it has a opal-like pearlescence. The scent was non-irritating and the formula didn’t break me out.
    • Dislikes- Not so much of a dislike, but I didn’t really see any visible improvement after using this. I only got maybe 2-3 uses though, so I can’t really make much commentary here.
    • Conclusion- I have no need for an anti-aging serum, so I would not purchase a full size. 3/5
  • Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask
    • Likes- I was in need of a hydrating mask, as the weather changes were making my skin super dry, and this did the trick. The scent was lovely, just like roses and the formula was refreshing.
    • Dislikes- I didn’t dislike this!
    • Conclusion- I would maybe buy the mini trio of this at Sephora before purchasing a full size. 4.5/5
  • Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm
    • Likes- This easily removed an entire face of makeup and lathered into a nice wash.
    • Dislikes- The smell of this was not too pleasant- I think it might have been the sunflower oil or something similar in this as it smells almost like the Honest Balm.
    • Conclusion- I would not purchase this cleansing balm, but after using one I think I will look at other cleansing balms. 4/5
  • Lancome La Base
    • Likes- The formula is similar to any silicone based primer, but ten times smoother. It is also one of the most impressive primers I’ve ever used. The day I applied it, it was 100 degree weather and I was outdoors or in no AC most of the day. By the end of the day, 90% of my makeup was still in place after 14 hours!
    • Dislikes-This probably wouldn’t be ideal for an everyday primer, and it being Lancome would probably also make it expensive.
    • Conclusion- I think I would eventually purchase this full size, but maybe not right away and would only use it for special occasions.
  • Lorac Tantalizer
    • Likes- This didn’t have an orange tone and added a nice glow to the skin. I liked mixing this in with my foundation to match the rest of my tan skin during the summer. It also smells like coconuts, and not like fake tan.
    • Dislikes- This did have shimmer in it, so you have to use it sparingly.
    • Conclusion- I don’t think I would purchase this full size, as I’m not super into fake tanning.
  • Exuviance Skinrise Bionic Tonic
    • Likes- This was super gentle and left the skin feeling rejuvenated. The scent was a nice soothing botanical and citrus smell and it really left my skin looking way less dull.
    • Dislikes- I’ve never really heard of this brand so I was skeptical at first, but I really didn’t dislike this product at all.
    • Conclusion- I already have several peels and chemical exfoliants in my collection, so I wouldn’t purchase this right away, but I might in the future. 4/5


Alrighty, that’s it for this week and this empties! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next time. Be sure to keep up with me on social media in the meantime, using the links below!


All my love,


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14 Replies to “Empties: Fall 2015”

  1. Holy cow you did great! So many products; I’m the worst at finishing products! The Bioderma is so popular, barely hear anything bad about it from people of every skin type!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, I try to force myself to use up products so I can do empty posts because sometimes I can be the same way haha. Bioderma is my favorite micellar water by far– I agree! thanks for stopping by!


  2. You really can’t go wrong with that Micellar water, I think it’s everyone’s favourite 🙂 I’ve been really impressed with Maybelline’s foundations lately. Their Fluid-Touch foundation is my current fav!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great collection of empties you have there! I also agree this time of year just flys by! I’m half happy and half sad about it! I’m a warm weather girl so I’m patiently waiting for my sunshine to come back in my life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Same- it’s such a bittersweet time of year because so much is going on! I’m also a warm weather girl being from California- I don’t think I could live anywhere else!
      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


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