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I apologize that my hectic schedule has interfered with all of the content I had planned this month. I’ve been moving post dates around like crazy! Anyhow, I am currently in LA last minute penning this quickie review so that something new will go up this week. Like I mentioned in my Life Updates post, I’m here to visit Disneyland so stay tuned for a vlog but until then, here is my review on the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions!

Now, I am a total hair extensions noob and the only other pair that I have is a cheap set from Amazon that I used in my Halloween Tutorial. However, I have wanted to try a good quality set for quite some time now to use on the days where I really missed my long hair or wanted more length to style and work with. That being said, I wanted to write this review from the perspective of a total newbie and discuss the results I had as someone with no prior experience because I’m sure that there are many of you out there that are looking into getting extensions but perhaps are intimidated by the investment for whatever reason. Basically, I wanted to be a test guinea pig for all of you fellow hair extension freshman and give you the entire breakdown.

Before we get started though, I wanted to address a couple of things. First thing’s first, here’s my obligatory general disclaimer on working with brands. Secondly, I wanted to give a general overview about my hair so that you can understand what I’m working with.


I have very thick, slightly coarse hair. It’s a long-medium length and has a bit of wave naturally. I have a fair amount of layers put in. It is a black-brown shade with rich dark chocolate undertones to it and is in the warm family. It can sometimes be a pain to color match to my hair as it is not the traditional jet black, cool toned shade that most dark shades usually come in.

Taking all of this into account, I chose the Silky Touch Line, Natural Black Color, 18 inch Length, and 140 gram Thick set. It comes with 7 wefts all together: 1 4-clip piece and 2 each of 3,2, and 1 clip pieces.

In this post I am detailing the first two times I wore my extensions. The first time I applied them myself and the second time I had the help of a friend. The first time, I had freshly washed hair and the second time was a few days later so I have third day hair.

Now with that all said, here’s the review!

Irresistible Me Clip In Extensions:


  • Color Match– I very much appreciate that Irresistable Me has both a cool and warm tone black option. I chose the warm option, Natural Black. It is a pretty good color match for me and the tone is correct but in different lighting, sometimes you can see that the ends are a bit darker than my natural color. However, it is starting to get warmer and my hair is getting lighter from being outdoors more. 4/5irrmereview_compare2
  • Application Ease- The clips are very easy to use and apply yourself. The hardest part is trying to align them correctly so that all of your hair covers the clips and blending them yourself. As you can see in the picture above, I had a bit of a hard time blending the bottom layers. They looked fine in the front, but more obvious in the back. In this next picture, though, with the help of a friend and a bit more practice it got a bit easier. You just have to keep trying! 4/5 irrmereview_compare3
  • Wearability/Comfort- The first application, I wore these for a couple of hours before I removed them as I found that my poor first attempt was not that comfortable, but the second time around I wore them for 4-5 hours to run errands and go to dinner and since the application was better placed I found it easier to wear. I think it is also an assimilation process. The first few times, you’re still getting used to the feeling, like learning to ride a bike. You definitely will feel out of place for a bit because the ends of your hair and bottom of your head are more weighted down than usual. You also have to get used to the clips. I found that occasionally it was itchy here and there towards the final hours, but as long as you clipped them in nicely so there are no snagged hairs it should not be incredibly uncomfortable. I definitely stopped noticing they were in after 2 hours unless I had an occasional itch. They are not the most comfortable things to wear simply due to their nature (like high heels or spanx), but for being what they are, they are pretty comfortable with time. 3.5/5
  • Staying Power– I found that these did not budge or shift in the slightest. I had no trouble with the clips staying in walking around! 5/5
  • Texture– The Silky Touch Line is very smooth and not unlike the texture of my own hair. As I said before, my hair is slightly coarse naturally but I use very nourishing products to keep it silky and hydrated. It is not as silky as my own hair after intensive treatments, but probably feels more like my second day hair— smooth, but not sleek and slippery. 4/5
  • Quality– These are a much better quality than the Amazon ones I have for sure! The Silky Touch Line is the basic strand of hair, but it is in no way cheap feeling! However, there is a Royal Remy line that is supposedly the cream of the crop. My only complaint, is that there were random pieces of string in some of my wefts green and beige. I feel like that quality could be addressed. They do have some shedding, and can start to get frizzy if not brushed like your own hair. However, I have had no trouble with tangles which I found easily happened to my cheaper set. 3.5/5
  • Material– The Irresistible Me Extensions are all made of 100% Remy hair. Being a noob, I had no idea what that meant at first, so here’s the scoop: Remy hair is authentic human hair that has undergone as little chemical processing as possible (usually just enough to meet sanitary requirements), so as to preserve the quality of the hair as much as possible. It is taken from a single donor and goes from root to end so that all the cuticles are aligned. It is the highest standard for human hair in the industry. 5/5



  • When these are shipped, the extensions come in a double ended pouch with your full order on one side and a sample on the other. You open the sample first and use it to test if you like the feel, texture, wear, color, etc BEFORE opening the other side. If you find any discrepancies using the sample piece, you can send the set back because it has not been contaminated and tampered with!
  • For me personally, I mostly wanted more length and a bit of fullness but this might not be the case for everyone. Irresistible Me offers a variety of options even within just the Silky Touch line with 3 different weights 100 g, 140 g, 200 g, and lengths ranging from 14″-22″. They also have 4 other lines, some specifically just for volume so it is really customizable!
  • There are 12 colors in the Silky Touch range with a variety of shades and undertones.
  • I’m very pleased that they use the highest standards for their human hair at the Remy quality.
  • As they are real human hair you can totally use heat and style them. Be sure to use a heat protectant though!
  • For decent quality extensions, they are pretty affordable. The Silky Touch line starts at $89 for a full set.


  • I was a little bummed about the random bits of string. They kind of brought down my rating on the quality for me, otherwise I would have awarded it higher. I have already been in touch with someone though and they have given that feedback to their team.
  • It is not very user friendly at first. You definitely have to keep trying and watching tutorials to get better, but I wish that within the box at least they would include some basic tips and instructions so I wouldn’t have to look it up.
  • I found it a bit difficult to hide the extensions towards the top and I found that blending was a challenge. You really have to keep fiddling around until you find what works, which can be time consuming.


I really enjoy my Irresistible Me Silky Touch extensions! They definitely take some getting used to and it is a slow process to learn how to apply them and assimilate to wearing them, but I think that they look really great. I feel like the Silky Touch Line is a pretty fair price and I love that there are so many options to choose from. The pros far outweigh the cons. Personally, I don’t think I will be wearing these daily, but more so for events and special occasions. If anyone is looking for some basic extensions, just to get your toes in the water, I think that the Silky Touch Line is a great place to start.


Alrighty, that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Thanks again to Blair for reaching out and contacting me. Let me know if you have any tips for applying and wearing extensions in a comment below!

All my love,


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