Summer Lookbook: 3 Summer Looks

Hello! As you can tell by the title, this week we’re jumping into a lookbook. However, these are not your typical summery looks. Since I have been doing quite a bit of colorful and bold looks lately with my Summer Tutorial, Disneyland GRWM, and July Fourth Tutorial, I thought it best to take a different approach when cultivating these looks. There are more purple, cool tones to each of these makeup looks and they lean slightly more towards fall coloring, but I made them more seasonally appropriate by using a lighter hand and keeping things as minimally heavy as possible. Nonetheless, they’re perfect for transitioning from summer into fall, as it seems like August is almost practically around the corner at the rate that this summer has been flying by! Anyhow, as always, I’ve started with my usual base as follows:




Alrighty, now for the looks!



First up, I have this Rosy Smokey Eye which I recreated from this Instagram post using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette:

The pictures here don’t quite do it justice, but the Instagram is much truer to what it looks like in real life. This look is perfect for those late summer weddings or any special occasion you have planned for the season. It isn’t too dark or bright and flashy, but isn’t completely neutral either. There is a lot of blending involved and this is a much more advanced eye makeup look, and probably the most involved of the three. If this post is too vague and you would like a full walk through tutorial, leave me a comment below and maybe I can try to do that sometime!

  • Eyes:
    1. Lid- Trick from Naked 3 
    2. Blend through crease & above- Nooner from Naked 3
    3. Crease- Factory from Naked 3
    4. Inner Third- Liar from Naked 3
    5. Blend everything- Limit from Naked 3
    6. Inner Corner highlight- Burnout from Naked 3
    7. Pop of Sparkle on Lid- Dust from Naked 3
    8. Brow blending- Strange from Naked 3
    9. Lower Lashline Outer Third- Darkside from Naked 3
    10. Smudged on Upper Lashline- Blackheart from Naked 3
  • Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blushing Bride
  • Highlight: Sand from Anastasia Contour Kit
  • Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo 



This next look is inspired by the 90s and all of the crazy beauty trends it embodied. In particular, the frosty colors and abundance of glitter are the focus here today. This is a little more wearable than true 90s, though, as it has a little less glitter but still has that lilac color present in the blush, lips, eyeshadow, and even the glitter in the eyeshadow itself!



Finally, we have this Soft Grunge inspired look. This is my favorite look of the lot and was semi inspired by Kommissar, the German girl from Pitch Perfect 2, during the Riff Off merged with some Brandy Melville vibes thrown in. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate my basic af Célfie shirt? It’s comfortable, alright! Anyhow, the base of this one is slightly different from the first two. In order to stick with the Soft Grunge theme, I kept this base more matte and slightly more pale by using L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte in place of the Maybelline Fit Me and using less contour. Also, I filled in my brows more heavily and shaped them more strongly than usual. Finally, I used the brow gel to brush the hairs in the front of the brow upwards and to square them off to make them more intense.

  • Eyes:
    1. Lid- Cream from Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    2. Center of Lid- Corky Brown from Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    3. Crease- Orangey Tan Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    4. Outer Corner- Gray Taupe Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    5. Blend- Medium Cool Brown Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    6. Inner Corner Highlight- White Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    7. Lower Lashline- Dark Brown Grey Sonia Kashuk Mattes Palette
    8. Baby Winged Liner- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
  • Blush: None to stick with the theme.
  • Highlighter: Vanilla from Anastasia Contour Kit (matte to stick with theme)
  • Lips: Rebel Lipstick by MAC

Ok folks, that’s all for this week! Leave me a comment on what your favorite look of the bunch was and I’ll catch you on the flipside!

All my love,


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