Product Review: Solvaderm Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream Review

The Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream is an eye-treatment targeted for maturing eye issues including dark circles and fine lines. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to receive this product since I am not a part of the target demographic, but since I was already a part of the Juvabrite campaign, Solvaderm kindly offered to include me in their Eyevage one as well. Nonetheless, I was still very excited to use this product!

Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream


  • Formula- This is a creamy yellow tinted eye treatment. Eyevage is very nourishing and is a rich cream without being too heavy for the delicate undereye area. It is nice and silky and has a slight cooling effect as well. 5/5
  • Ingredients- The most active ingredients in Eyevage include Jojoba Seed Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid. However I have a few concerns here. Once again, there is a large water content here, Purified water being the number one ingredient on the list. Also similarly to the Juvabrite, there are a few moderately hazardous ingredients including the preservative Phenoxyethanol that is also in Juvabrite and Polyacrylamide a binder ingredient. The last concern I have is that Eyevage contains Squalene which is a very beneficial lipid, however it is most popularly sourced from Shark Liver Oil which is not supported by PETA. However, there are plant based sources, but i’m not sure what the original source Solvaderm uses, as it is not listed on their website. (7/17 ingredients listed here) 3/5
  • Scent- There is a floral scent to this product but it is perfume free. It is a very pleasant scent to me, but it does linger a bit so if you are not a fan this might irritate you. 4/5
  • Packaging-  The packaging is the same luxurious look as the Juvabrite. Doubled paned, high quality plastic with a metal button pump on top. The one downside, is that if the button gets stuck, since it is flush to the top, you have to keep pushing and releasing product to get it unstuck. Since it is an airtight container, you can’t put the product back inside. The other problem with the pump is that it does dispense a little more product than you need. Solvaderm recommends a pea size, but I find that half the amount is perfect. A little goes a long way.This also has a n expiration date, which is super convenient. 4/5
  • Effectiveness- I don’t have permanent dark circles, but darkness does appear under my eyes if I’ve stayed up late a few nights studying (aka binge watching Netflix with a Word document open). When there is significant amount of darkness under my eyes, this does the trick! It’s very hydrating as well and adds brightness under the eyes. Compared to my Body Merry Eye Gel (also containing Hyaluronic Acid), this is much more luxurious and creamy. The price difference is definitely justified between the two. If you are still young and don’t have a severe problem, you should probably stick with the Body Merry. This eye cream is better suited for those with intense darkness, wrinkles, and mature eyes. 4.5/5


  • Eyevage is pretty effective and works great for darkness. I can’t say much for wrinkles, though, as I don’t have any.
  • The formula and packaging give a luxurious experience when using Eyevage.
  • Eyevage is paraben free.


  • Eyevage is priced at $74.99 for 0.5 fl. oz. Once again, this is very pricey and the high water content detracts from the value, but I don’t think that it is particularly overpriced as there are plenty of other eye treatments in the same price point with the same amount of product.
  • There is no outright source quoted for the Squalene and with such a high price I’m inclined to believe that this is not necessarily a Vegan or maybe even cruelty free-product. I’m not 100% sure, but there is some controversy here.

Conclusion: Eyevage is a decently potent eye cream. It is silky and nourishing and hydrates the under eyes well. The main concerns I have are the high water content versus price and the source of the Squalene. A little goes a long way which helps justify the price a bit more. I find that this product will not be worth it to everyone, as it is pricey so if you are a beginner to eye creams or young with little under eye problems, this is not for you. I recommend Eyevage for those with deep dark circles, wrinkles, and mature under eyes. Overall, I enjoy using this but I will only continue use for necessary days of darkness.  4/5

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Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream

That’s it for this review! If you would like to see the sister review on the Juvabrite Skin Brightening Complex, click here.

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6 Replies to “Product Review: Solvaderm Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream Review”

    1. Hi Delaney! Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

      It depends on what your problems are. I recommend this if you have fine lines and texture, but for darkness I recommend OZ Naturals Matrix 6 Mega Bright Eye Gel. For dryness I recommend OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Creme. You can see all my reviews on eye gels as well here:

      Hope that helps!


  1. Juvabrite’ skin brightening complex has transformed my skin. My dark spots are no longer visible after about 3 weeks of use and I made a little research and discovered it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. It fades blemishes and dark spots. I usually wear it under my makeup and my skin looks clearer. You should try it.


  2. I have tried various (some even more expensive) products for eye tint correction. So far this has worked best for me since it resulted allergy free and quite hydrating


  3. Wow! This is really detailed. I’ve been using this product too for a week and I observed the great improvement in my skin tone. I’m worried about dark spots and I’m afraid maybe the environment that I am in is the cause of this. I’ve tried two different brands already but with a week of treatment using Eyevage, it became better. I became more confident of this product when you pointed out that it is paraben free. I’ve read that paraben is not proven to cause cancer but it is found on cancer cells so better be secured. I hope to see more positive reviews about this product so that I will be more confident in it.


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