Life Updates: Late Goals & Resolutions for 2016

Hey everyone! So I was sitting down to finally write a blog post to go up tomorrow and found that my intro was just getting too long trying to cram all of my updates into the beginning, so I decided to just go ahead and write this bit separately. I hardly ever have a chance to have a heart-to-heart with my readers so I figured with the beginning of a new year this would be the perfect time to start. So without any further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I don’t know what it is about January but it is probably one of my least favorite months, despite it being the birth month of a ton of people I love. (Shoutout to the bestie, my dad, Parker, Britt & my grandmother!) That January blues stuff is no joke and it hit me super hard this year for whatever reason. As all of my friends and family went back to work and school and all the of the fun visits and vacations came to an end, I found myself super burnt out and just drained— thus the lack of content on all of my platforms recently. To be honest, I still very much feel this way even though I haven’t really done much. My energy is gone and I feel very unmotivated, which irritates the overachiever in me because I don’t want to feel like this and would much rather be creating awesome content and wrapping up my blog redesign. Here’s a teaser if you haven’t already heard about it on Instagram:


So with that said, I decided to refocus and jot down some goals in order to re-psych myself up for the year. Here’s my list:

  1. Healthier Lifestyle– I know everyone says it and that it’s such a cliché, but I really mean it. Between stuffing my face during the holidays and the existential realization that I’m only going to get older from here with a “now or never” vibe, I have come to the conclusion that taking care of myself is no longer an extra curricular but a necessity. My solution to that is to start off with a juice cleanse to get my digestive system back to normal after all of those Christmas cookies. You can check out my progress over on my Instagram! thumb_IMG_5123_1024Also, I’m taking an awesome vacation to Hawaii with my family this summer and I’m getting a head start on that bikini body!
  2. Upgrade my Camera– Speaking of Hawaii, I want to upgrade my camera equipment to get some awesome shots while I’m on vacation. I can’t wait to share shots of Mai Tais on the beach as I will finally be 21 this year!!! I currently have a Nikon D200 for my blog photos and I use my iPhone 6 for Instagram. This year I want to bump it up and eventually get the Nikon D7000 for a new DSLR and a model from the ever-popular Sony Alpha Series for Instagram. A ton of bloggers and vloggers use these for the built in wifi, making it perfect for IG. I don’t think I need the newest model or even a new camera, so I can save a bit of money here. Both cameras are capable of video, so I want to try and dip my toes in this format this year. I can’t make any promises for regularly creating videos (I hate hearing my own voice), but it’s something I really want to dabble with although I already have a videos up which you can see here.
  3. Be Present & Grow My Social Media– Related to my previous mention of Instagram, I want to really interact more on social media and meet some great people through these platforms. I am most active on Instagram, but I also want to balance it out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I’ve already been tweeting more recently and actually have talked to some people I never thought I would get the chance to talk to including Tiffany from Thingamavlogs (how I feed my Disney obsession) & Netflix because Netflix is bae.
  4. Save Some Damn Money– As a poor college student, I would really love to not be in debt for the rest of my life, which means cutting down on my spending and putting the money into a boring and practical savings account. This resolution also goes back to #2, because in order to acquire a new camera I first need to save up the funds to do so. I’m planning a no buy for definitely February and maybe March as well in order to do so.
  5.  Create More– Although my blog is a great creative outlet for some of my creative interests (primarily my digital ones), I have other interests that are not nurtured here. I really want to get back to some of my artistic roots and create some tangible pieces. My goal is to sketch more, to paint at least one painting, and to shoot at least one roll of film in 2016.
  6. Read More– I mentioned on Instagram that one of my resolutions is to read more. I love reading but hardly ever have the chance to do so anymore. I want to read at least 5 new books this year and make the time to do so. instachrofmeg_wk1jan3
  7. Grow Out My Hair & Donate It– My hairdresser has told me that my hair grows abnormally fast and I figured that I could make the most out of this mini superpower by doing some good and donating it when possible. I already have done so once and am looking forward to doing it several times throughout my lifetime. I think by this time next year, I’ll finally have grown my hair enough to donate it, but my goal throughout 2016 is to maintain it and make sure it grows healthy for the deserving cancer patient it will eventually go to! I make sure to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths instead of Locks of Love who actually charge for their wigs— not cool! (I’m not giving you my hair for free so you can make a profit off cancer patients. [Shade face emoji])IMG_7376

Alright, so those are my goals and resolutions for 2016; I know that they’re a wee bit late but writing this post has really helped me get back into the swing of blogging. What are your goals for 2016? Leave a comment below  or on social media using the following links & be sure to check back tomorrow for an official beauty post!!!

All my love,


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