Lookbook: Zodiac Part II

Hello my beautiful friends! A warm welcome back to all of my old and new readers! Once again, I apologize that my posting schedule has been way out of whack, but I have a ton of content to catch up on in a short amount of time, so bear with me. I’m trying to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays when I can to make up for the lack of posts that I had planned, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, as promised here is the much anticipated second installment of my Zodiac Lookbook! (Check out Part I here) Again, I’m sorry it’s late but it’s finally here!

This round we’re covering Aries (hey-o any fellow Aries out there?!), Taurus and Gemini. Since it’s been a hot minute, I’ll go ahead and give a brief overview of how this series works.

Instead of my seasonal installments of lookbooks, this year I’ve decided to base them on the Astrological signs. Using astrology.com and a lot of Googling, I picked out some key traits and color palettes symbolic of each sign to go along with each look. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First up, I have all of the base products which I used to create the canvas for each of these looks. These products were used in each look and I simply changed the eyeshadow, colored eyeliner,  blush, highlight, and lip color.

Base Products:


  1. Lancôme LA BASE PRO Perfecting Makeup Primer– Face primer
  2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation – Foundation mixed with KVD
  3. Kat Von D Lock It Foundation– Foundation mixed with Revlon Colorstay
  4. Collection Concealer– Under eye concealer
  5. Tarte Smooth Operator translucent powder– All over setting powder
  6. Maybelline Master Fix Translucent Loose Powder– Powder for Baking
  7. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (waterproof)- Top & bottom mascara
  8. Urban Decay Primer Potion– Eyelid primer
  9. Anastasia Contour Kit Light-Medium– Contour (Java & Fawn)
  10. Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soliel– Bronzer
  11. Anastasia Brow Definer in Dark Brown -Brow Pencil
  12. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel– Brow gel
  13. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper– Upper lashline liner

Look 1: Aries

Aries: The Ram; March 21- April 19

Traits: Independent, Enthusiastic, Moody, Impulsive, Loyal

Element: Fire (Cardinal)

Aries is the first sign and the cardinal fire sign, basically meaning that Aries is in charge and a  natural leader. For this, I included lots of gold tones to represent their bright personality, and number one position. Aries is also a fire sign so I used plenty of warm tones to play off of their fiery personality. I kept the eyes hazy and well blended to give a smoldering effect. To play off of Aries’ boldness, I did a bright red matte lip and strong graphic liner, outlined in gold. The Aries description pretty much fits my personality to a T and I strongly identify with the Aries traits, so I was pretty much feelin’ myself in this look.



  1. Lid- Mixture of Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows in “Fortune Teller” & “Starry Eyed
  2. Crease Blending- Tartelette 2 palette “Sweetheart”
  3. Crease- Tartelette 2 palette “Rebel”
  4. Outer Corner- Tartelette 2 palette “Leader”
  5. Lower Lashline- NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette “Coral”

Accent Liner:




Nose “Contour”:


Look 2: Taurus

Taurus: The Bull; April 20 – May 20

Traits: Dependable, Generous, Materialistic/Self-Indulging

Element: Earth

From my understanding, Tauruses’ appreciation for material goods can be connected to royalty, and even Queen Elizabeth II herself is a Taurus. It is also why I paired this look with a tiara-esque headband. Purple is a color often associated with royalty, so I based this look off of this color. I feel like this also makes sense since my sister is a Taurus and purple is her favorite color. I created a strong angular shaped eye look to inspire a commanding presence and used plenty of metallics to go along with the material possessions Taurus indulges in. Taurus is an Earth sign, so they enjoy being grounded and having a solid foundation. I stayed within the color palette of all purples to keep things from getting too crazy, and added the liner accent under the wing to keep things straightforward.



  1. Lid- Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows in “Day Dreamer
  2. Crease Blending- Stila Eyes Are the Window to the Mind palette “Tanzanite”
  3. Crease- Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows inMasquerade
  4. Outer Corner- Stila Eyes Are the Window to the Mind palette “Midnight Quartz”
  5. Highlight (inner corner, browbone, center of lips)- Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows in “Whimsical

Accent Liner:




Look 3: Gemini

Gemini: The Twins; May 21 – Jun 20

Traits: Energetic, Imaginative, Devious

Element: Air

Gemini have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so I used a bright color palette to reflect that. Gemini are represented by twins so I symbolized that with a double winged liner and threw my hair into two braids for good measure. Gemini are also loud mouth and love to talk, so I emphasized the lips with a very generous highlight. This look didn’t go exactly as planned from my Pinterest reference photo, but we’re rolling with it.




  1. Inner Third- Tartelette palette “Super Mom”
  2. Lid- NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette “Yellow”
  3. Crease- NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette “Goldenrod”
  4. Lower Lashline- Tartelette palette “Fashionista”

Accent Liner (lower):





Alrighty, that’s a wrap on this lookbook! I hope this inspired you to play a little more with color and symbolism in your makeup. Let me know what you think of your astrological sign and if it fits you in a comment below! Personally, everything about Aries speaks to me, but I take it all with a grain of salt.

If you recreate a look, be sure to tag me using my social media links down below! Have a fabulous week & stay tuned for more content later this week!

All my love,


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4 Replies to “Lookbook: Zodiac Part II”

  1. You always have such creative ideas, Megan! I’m so impressed with your blog. I’m an Aries, so of course, I love that bold red lip look best, but all three are terrific!

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