Hope Among Chaos

The world seems chaotic these days. Not just personally — but politically, socially, and even in regards to our climate. It can be hard not to spiral into a dooms-day, apocalyptic, the-world-is-ending, state every time you open up your Twitter feed. From Charlottesville, to Houston, to the countless attempts from an incompetent administration to spread hate, it can be overwhelming to persist through the infinite amount of chaos that saturates everyday American life.

All of that, plus the rapid schedule changes of the new semester have left me unhopeful, and frankly uninspired to even write a blog post. However with a new month upon us and after some time taken to organize, reflect, feel guilty about my self-pity, remind myself of the importance of self-care, and finally pick myself back up, I’m ready to take action again.

It’s times like these that I find activism to be the most important. It’s not enough to discuss the tragedies and trials that our nation is experiencing today, but eventually we must DO something in order to make a change — the difference we want to see. Today is the day I do my duty and step up.

Here’s what I’m doing to lend a hand to make the world a little brighter (and how you can do the same): 

I have officially relaunched my Etsy store (Boss Babe Creative) with 10 designs. There are 2 of my own designs based off of past projects, with 3 variations of each, and 4 designs that I originally created as buttons for my school club. Each design is $5, sized as an A4 document, and is in an instant digital download format. Upon purchase, Etsy will automatically give you access to a hi-res file of the design of your choosing. You can then print and frame at home or take to a print shop. All proceeds are going to benefit the organization The Happy Period which is currently sending menstrual product donations to Hurricane Harvey Evacuees.

Shop My Etsy Store Here:


I chose The Happy Period organization because menstrual products are not items that are typically provided at emergency shelters (source) and as a feminist, the issue of making these products accessible to EVERYONE is something that I have worked very hard to change in my own community. I have seen the positive effects personally when someone is afforded this basic human dignity for a biological function that is out of their control. It is a cause that moves me, but I understand if it does not touch you.

I would still like to encourage anyone reading this to give what they can, even if it is not through making a purchase of one of my designs. If you want to donate directly to The Happy Period, you can do so here. If you would like to support a different cause, keep reading.

Here is a quick resource guide to some links I found useful when organizing this post and project:

1. The Best Thing You Can Do

When it comes to giving, the best thing you can do is to give money, plain and simple. I know it seems impersonal, but it is truly what organizations need the most. With money they are able to make sure that the most needs are being met and that they have the resources that are needed the most. Read more here.

2. The Best Places to Give

So, if the best thing to do is to give money, where can I give it to? It can be overwhelming to choose an organization and it may seem really easy to just send a text to Red Cross and feel like you’ve done your part. However, national organizations are not as responsive as local ones and it may be a while until that donation even reaches Red Cross from your phone company. Here’s the best way to avoid scams. And here’s a list of some local organizations — pick a cause that moves you:

3. More Ways to Give

If you still want to give more than money, there are some organizations with Amazon Wish lists that you can contribute to. This makes sure that there is no waste and that the donations you give will be used. (Some organizations overlap with the list above.) When checking out in Amazon, there will be an option to send to the registry address. Make sure to check that option or send donations outside of Amazon to the following addresses!


I know this isn’t my usual scope of content, but my wish is that this post gave you a little hope and inspired you to make a difference today. Sending you love, light, and positivity.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

All my love,


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