Brand Review: Younique

Have you ever heard so much hype about a product or brand that it sparks your interest, but you’re still hesitant to try it? This is how I felt about Younique until Lorraine kindly reached out to me and sent me some products to review for you today!

Younique often gets a lot of critique for their “Presenters” who can sometimes be aggressive or obnoxious on social media, soliciting you to their page and products. In my experience, I have been previously solicited myself but this was the first pleasant encounter with a Presenter. Overall though, I approached shopping from this brand with the same demeanor that I approach most of my shopping experiences- do your research and associate with those with great customer service. It’s the reason I don’t shop at Walmart and am particular about the Targets or Starbucks I go to. I digress, but the fact of the matter is that putting in the proper research into your product consumption can really save you a lot of time and hassle. So, if you would like a pleasant Younique experience, I would highly recommend shopping from Lorraine. A huge thank you to Lorraine again and if you would like to purchase any of the following products, please use her link to Lorraine’s Younique Boutique here and direct links to purchase will also be linked throughout below. A huge thanks to Lorraine for making this happen but before we get started, here’s my general disclaimer on working with brands. In summary, though, I promise that the following thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and honest.



Now let’s get started! This is a new type of review that I haven’t made a post about before. Typically, I focus on one particular product, but this time I’m broadening my emphasis and writing a review on one single brand, thus the “Brand Review”.

Lorraine sent me a few things to try, but let’s start with the most hyped product from Younique yet, their 3D Fiber Lash mascara. If you recall, I showcased a few Younique products in my Fall Lookbook last week, including this very controversial one. I know that there’s plenty of thoughts on this product but here’s what I think:

3D Fiber Lash Mascara +

In case you haven’t heard about this product, it is a two step lash fiber application system. You begin with the transplanting gel (which applies like a mascara) from root to tip and then apply a layer of the fibers (which are tiny particles of lash extender) from midway to the ends. Finally, seal with another coat of transplanting gel. I’ve heard of people who like to start with a coat of their preferred mascara, however I was advised against that. This is marketed as a replacement for lash extensions or false lashes. Also, this is their new “plus” version of the original 3D Fiber Lash.


  • Formula- The transplanting gel applies like a wet formula mascara. The fibers are tiny particles of rayon that catch onto the gel. 4/5
  • Longevity- This lasts pretty long on the lashes; I would say about 8 hours or so which is plenty to get you through the day. As long as you don’t pick at your lashes a lot, there shouldn’t be too much flaking but since this does use particles of fiber, throughout the day there can be a bit of fallout. 3.5/5
  • Packaging- The tube is a matte black with some detailing on the front. The wand for the transplanting gel is a fiber bristle one as opposed to a plastic bristle. If you prefer plastic wands, maybe try using your own mascara and sealing off with the gel instead, although I’ve heard you shouldn’t do that. However, from other reviews I’ve read, sometimes this is a better option if you don’t like the wand or formula of the transplanting gel. The fibers come with a similar wand and tube packaging, just smaller. 4/5


  • Technique- When applying, you really have to set up a good foundation. If you don’t apply the first coat smoothly and evenly, you won’t get the desired effect. Using a lash comb really helps too. I find that you can only really get away with one or two layers of the gel, fiber, and then gel before it gets super clumpy. 3/5


  • I saw a dramatic difference using the 3D Fiber Lash + versus using just mascara. You get a lot of length and if you do it right, a decent amount of volume, but nothing dramatic.
  • The 3D Fiber Lash really accentuates your lashes, even if you have short ones like mine and monolids that hide the root and part of the mid lashes.
  • Costs $29. It’s not cheap, but some of the most popular mascaras at Sephora are in the same price range.


  • This product can get clumpy if you don’t use it correctly.
  • This can flake every once in awhile, so you have to be careful if you’re a contact wearer like me so that the particles won’t get in your eye and irritate it. Be sure that you apply the fibers only from the mid lash to tip.
  • I do not believe that this will be a replacement for false lashes or lash extensions. Maybe lash extensions, but I don’t think you get that very clean and “my lashes but better” look that lash extensions give you with this product. It honestly just looks like mascara and not super natural. As for false lashes, I tend to wear mine mostly for drama with bold looks, and seeing as you can’t layer this up much, it’s limiting. You also can’t really shape it to have a flare at the outer corner or any other pattern for that matter, like you can choose with falsies.
  • This also takes a bit of time since you’re working in layers; it’s not as quick as popping up one coat of mascara but it’s probably faster than a pair of false lashes for the average person, day to day.
  • Due to the multiple layers, my lashes often get weighed down and because of that the product doesn’t hold a curl super well.

Conclusion: I like the effect this gives my short and stubby lashes. I would have to take a lot of time and layer a lot of mascara to get a similar effect otherwise. In that sense, this is a much more time efficient product for me, but maybe not for someone else. It does take some getting used to, finding the right combination and technique that works for you. Once that is accomplished, though, this becomes a breeze. I think my full lash routine using the 3D Fiber Mascara + now only takes up to 2 minutes. Overall, I really like the 3D Fiber Lash, but I don’t think that it is for everyone.

  • Who this product is for- Those with difficult, short, or stubborn lashes that don’t benefit enough from mascara, those who don’t like false lashes or who don’t want to wear them everyday, those who don’t want to pay for extensions.
  • Who this product is not for- False lash aficionados who want a day to day substitute, those looking to get a similar natural or enhanced look that lash extensions give, those with naturally long lashes looking for volume, those with sensitive eyes.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5 (Personally, I would like to give it a 4/5 but because there are so many different factors, for the rest of the population I deducted a .25 of a point to keep it to a truer average.)

Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3


  • Formula- There are a few mattes and mostly shimmers. The mattes can be slightly chalky I’ve found, but none have any fallout. However, I never had any trouble blending these. 4/5
  • Color Payoff/ Pigmentation- The color payoff is decent. I’d compare the pigmentation to maybe a Sephora brand quality. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing spectacular either. However, I noticed with these palettes that they are catered more towards those who prefer natural looks. The colors are more sheer, but I believe that is due to the demographic that they are selling to. 4/5


  • Color Selection- There are 7 total shadows. Within the palette there is a good amount of medium tones, but only a couple darks and hardly any lights. The color selection is very versatile though with enough variations of purples, silvers, and pinks that I can create plenty of looks with this palette. In fact, I put one together in my Fall Lookbook and another you can see here: IMG_2684The only other downside would be that there are only 3 different color options in this range. There is 1 warm palette, and 2 cool palettes. This is the only option of the 3 that has any real color besides neutrals, and even then they are colors that lean more towards a neutral tone rather than a saturated one. Although, I do believe that the limited color selection is once again due to their older demographic. 3.5/5
  • Packaging- The palette is a matte black cardboard with a magnetic closure. The mirror is about a medium quality and neither is the cardboard. There isn’t really any design on the front, just the name of the product. The palette is also pretty thick, so it’s not exactly travel friendly and in fact kind of bulky. 2/5


  • The shadows are very blendable and easy to use.
  • The colors are versatile and you can easily do both day and night looks with this.


  • This palette costs $49, which I think is pretty steep, especially since there are only 7 shadows. Maybe Younique thinks they can justify the price with their more natural ingredients, but to be honest I find this almost grossly overpriced. In comparison, the Tarte Tartelette palette is $45 for 12 shadows and Tarte is also known for being a more natural brand.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick in Excessive


  • Formula/Finish- This lipstick is a classic formula with a demi-matte finish. The formula isn’t too waxy or drying, but it isn’t necessarily hydrating either. The quality is great, though and it applies very smoothly and opaquely. However, one thing I have found that it does melt a little if you keep it in a warm environment. 4/5
  • Color Payoff/Pigmentation- The color payoff is amazing. These are very pigmented! Take a look at it in action in my Fall Lookbook (Look 1). My one complaint about the color is that it wasn’t quite true to the swatch I saw online. I was expecting more of a vintage, brick red but it wears more of a cherry red. See swatches below. 4.5/5
  • Longevity-  This lasts on the lips rather decently. Usually I can get around 5 hours of wear out of this, even with occasional eating and drinking throughout the day. There is transfer, but this lipstick does have some staining power that helps prolong the color on the lips. 3.5/5

    First application (L), End of the Day (R)
  • Packaging- The bullet is a classic slanted cut and the tube is a square volume. The packaging is matte black and there is subtle detailing on the inner tube. It is slightly bulky, though. 4/5


  • I love the blue tone in this lipstick- it makes your teeth look so white!
  • The staying power is great and I love the subtle stain that leaves the color on the lips.
  • Super opaque! This applies smoothly and evenly in one coat.


  • The price is $19 which is more than a MAC lipstick. The quality is here though, so technically the price could be justified. I don’t think it’s overpriced, but it’s definitely pricey.
  • I left this in my handbag and it did melt a little bit.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Stiff Upper Lip Stain in Sultry


  • Formula/Finish- This is a thin liquid consistency, almost the texture of water. It’s kind of like Benetint but only for your lips. However, it applies slightly patchy and needs to be coaxed to apply evenly. It’s a matte finish. 3/5
  • Color Payoff/ Pigmentation- The pigmentation is good. It takes two coats to really build up the color, though. Also, I found I had the same problem as I had with the lipstick- the color wasn’t quite true to what was pictured on the site.
    On hand: Excessive Lipstick (L) & Sultry Lipstain (R) Middle: Excessive Lipstick swatch on site Right: Sultry Lipstain swatch on site

    On the site, the lip stain appears to be more magenta but on the skin, the color looks closer to the red of the lipstick. 3/5

  • Longevity- Surprisingly, I found this to last less time than the lipstick. It did not withstand eating and drinking as well as I had hoped. Actually, after lunch I ended up getting those “butt hole” lips where the color in the middle fades, leaving a ring of color on the outside. Also, it stayed better on my hand rather than my lips. 2/5
First application (L), End of the Day (R)
  • Packaging- The packaging is a simple cylindrical tube and the applicator is a classic doe foot shape. 3/5


  • The weightless texture is great and I like the matte finish.


  • The color isn’t what I had in mind.
  • The application can be patchy.
  • The price is $22 which I think is overpriced. It doesn’t stay well enough to be worth $22 in my opinion.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Overall Conclusion


Younique is a pretty new brand and has only been around since 2012. Since they are so young, I believe they still have a lot more learning to do in regards to how they conduct their Presenters and the quality management of their products. They either need to beef up the quality to match their prices, or frankly lower their prices. From the products I’ve tried so far, I found that they are either hit or miss. I would like to see Younique work on their consistency as they grow. Also, I have had a pleasant experience with my Presenter, but not all of them are so unintrusive. I appreciate their commitment to using natural ingredients in their products and I especially love their Cruelty Free policy. Also, their goal to uplift and empower women is a wonderful thing to hear from a company. Younique’s demographic is not quite in my scope, but I enjoyed most of their products nonetheless. That being said, like I stated before, these products aren’t for everyone. I would recommend this brand to those who prefer natural cosmetics, those who prefer a more natural look as opposed to dramatic, or those who are genuinely interested. I hope my thoughts in this review did not come across as negative, I just genuinely wanted to give my honest opinions. Overall, Younique still has a lot of growing to do as a brand, but from what I’ve seen so far they seem to be going in the right direction. Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks again to Lorraine for being so generous and sharing these products with me! If you’re going to try anything from Younique, I highly recommend purchasing from her!

That’s it for this week. Have you ever tried anything from Younique? What did you think? Leave me a comment below or on social media using the following links! Be sure to especially check out my Facebook page as I just launched it 🙂

All my love,


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