Brand Review: Solvaderm Skincare

Hi all! This week, I was lucky enough to work with Solvaderm Skincare. Solvaderm Skincare is a dermatology grade brand that is committed to (according to their motto) “redefine skin science”. Their goal is to provide “professional strength products that just flat out work”. I was lucky enough to have received not one, but two separate samples from their company through BrandBacker. Per their request, I have broken up this review into two parts, one for each product which you can view by using the corresponding links below.

Before we get started, here’s my general disclaimer on working with brands. Now, here’s the good stuff:

Juvabrite Skin Brightening Complex Review


Eyevage Age Defying Eye Cream


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One Reply to “Brand Review: Solvaderm Skincare”

  1. Great review very informative! Sounds like a great product. I also post reviews! I post them every Monday. Would love for you to stop by!

    – Seri


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