Favorites: Summer 2016

Hey all! We’re kicking off my welcome back with all of my Favorites from this past summer. I reviewed all of my beauty favorites in the video below so be sure to give it a watch to find out all of my opinions and keep reading to find out more about my lifestyle favorites.

Beauty Favorites Summer 2016 Video:

Makeup Favorites:

Haircare Favorites:

Skincare Favorites:

Lifestyle Favorites:

  1. Fashion Favorites: 
    • Gemstone Necklaces– In case ya’ll didn’t already know, I collect crystals and I find that wearing them is a nice way to incorporate them into my everyday lifestyle. They add a nice bohemian touch and just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. I have this Amethyst one from Old Navy and Agate Slice one from Earth Bound.
    • Nike Juvenate Sneakers– I hate looking like a tourist by wearing almost embarrassingly comfortable walking shoes, but these make looking like a tourist WAY more fashionable! They are so comfy to walk around in and easy to slip on. They are very breathable making them great for summer too. I took these on practically all of my vacations this summer.
    • Merona Eve Quarter Strap Sandals– These are another pair of shoes that I frequently travelled with. They are the perfect shoe for dressing up a casual outfit just enough since they have a baby espadrille platform. They are also SO comfy and a great alternative to wearing heels. I wore them to everything from the NCCWSL conference in DC to my parent’s wedding vow renewal on the beach in Maui.  I also love that the two tone brown and black make them versatile and able to wear with any outfit color scheme.
  2. Favorite TV Shows: 
    • Galavant–  I started watching the first few episodes of this show when it first came out, but fell behind. I’m so glad that they added it to Netflix so I could finally finish the series! This is a Princess Bride/ Monty Python-esque medieval themed comedy but with a twist: it’s also a musical! I love the fun take on this genre and Alan Menken (a famed Disney music producer) scored it. It’s really fun, slightly raunchy, and quite hilarious.
    • Stranger Things– This Netflix original has stolen many hearts, including mine. Typically I’m not one for horror shows, but I was able to handle this one since it is a bit more sci-fi-y. All of the characters are great and I love that it has strong representation for each children, teenagers, and adults all facing the same problem, if that makes sense. The 80s theme is also cool.
    • Once Upon a Time– I’ve been a fan of this show for a while now, mostly because I’m a Disney nerd and I love seeing their stories being reimagined. The newest season on Netflix was a nice dark twist for the show, balancing out the goody-two-shoes-happily-ever vibes. It was nice to see that even the good guys are human.
  3. Favorite Music: I’ve been listening to more RnB and RnB inspired pop lately, a nice refresher from my usual Indie pop and rock.
    • Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper– This album has probably been my soundtrack of the summer. It’s all my sister and I practically listened to driving up all the way back up from San Diego. I’ve really been enjoying this kind of reimaging of rap that Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator, and now Chance the Rapper have been bringing to the genre. This album has a lot of gospel backings to it and I really enjoy the sound of it overall.
    • Lemonade by Beyoncé– Of course, I had to throw this album in here. It’s absolutely brilliant and the visual component is stunning as well. I love that it approaches all the levels of grief and losing someone you love from denial, to anger, to sadness and everything in between. Also, I forgot to mention in my last post that I’ll be seeing Beyoncé perform this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!!!
    • “Lock It Up” by Marc E. Bassy ft. Kehlani– I found this track since the artist Kehlani is featured on it. It is a very mellow and laid back RnB style song with a nice rhythm and symphony. If you like Kehlani, you’ll like this track.
  4. Favorite Moments: Although it was a tough summer, I am so grateful for all of the travelling that spoke to my inner adventurer. Below I’ll list each of my favorite experiences from each city I travelled to. I also picked up crystals as souvenirs from almost all of the places I visited, so I’ll mention some of my favorite stones and shops that I discovered.
    • DC

      The National Museum of Women in the Arts, visiting all of the landmarks, Meeting Kelly Tsai.

    • San Diego

      Breakfast at beach cafes with my old roommate and friend (Happy Birthday, Dev!), hanging with family, experiencing my first earthquake (although I’ve lived in California my whole life), getting my Lapis Lazuli from Leaping Lotus.

    • Maui

      Pulling off a surprise wedding vow renewal for my mom, seeing the Haleakala sunrise, going to the beach practically every day.

    • Kauai

      Ziplining, picking up my Amazonite from Crystals & Gem Gallery (lots of affordable and large crystals!)

    • Oahuhawaii49.JPG Hiking Diamond Head
    • San Luis Obispo/Central Coast

      Visiting old friends, Pismo Pier, Thursday Farmer’s market, satisfying my SLODOCO cravings, drinking craft cocktails from Sidecar, touring Hearst Castle, and finding my Ruby Fuschite and a lot of other unique crystals from one of my favorite boutiques, Blackwater.

    • Lake Tahoe

      Playing volleyball on the beach and taking my first “adult” trip with my best friends, picking out my Malachite from WellBeing, a really cool holistic store, spa, and yoga studio.

  5. Favorite Instagram: Shannon from @themakeupmantra has the most colorful and unique looks, is one of my favorite mutuals, and deserves WAY more followers! Go check her out!



6. Favorite app: thumb_IMG_9764_1024.jpgPokémon GO has been an addiction. I’m Team Valor, comment your team below!


Alrighty, thank you all for your patience in getting back into posting. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post and got a glimpse of what I’ve been up to this summer, even if I wasn’t posting too much about it. Comment your summer favorites below!


All my love,


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8 Replies to “Favorites: Summer 2016”

  1. Glad you’re back, Megan! I have a deluxe sample of the Murad Invisiblur that I should use more often. The Garnier MW was my favorite till I discovered BioDerma Hydrabio, but the Garnier is still my favorite drugstore MW. You’ve got a lot of great suggestion in your list – lots more goodies for me to try!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to be back Allison, thank you! I hope you get good use out of your Murad sample, and I agree that Garnier is the best drugstore, but I still love Bioderma Sensibo! Thanks for reading!!!


  2. Your trips looked amazing!!!! I love both your shoe picks – I never was a running shoes girl but Nike definitely does them right! And I have yet to watch Stranger Things…it’s on my list!

    Liked by 1 person

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