A Disclaimer on Working with Brands, Collaborations & Sponsorships

A promise I intend to keep:

I solemnly swear to never promote anything that I don’t believe in. I know that there is a stigma that surrounds beauty bloggers, and the online community in general; that people do this for the fame and the fortune and work and collaborate with brands in order to get ahead.

I can’t speak for everyone, but as for me personally, I am nowhere near famous and I’m hardly bringing in a fortune. Those are not my goals. First and foremost, I serve myself and am dedicated to being true to me. After all, the namesake of this blog comes from yours truly. My objective is to share with you the things that interest me throughout this chapter of my life.

Collaborating with brands and networks allows me to try new things I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to, and share the experience with all of the amazing people who have been following me on this journey so far.

With that said, please know I pledge to always be 100% honest when it comes to these types of posts, and all of my posts in general. Everything I write I genuinely believe.

This page has been modified from it’s original version, posted on 8/23/15.


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